• Jack A4 Industrial  Sewing Machine

Latest Intelligent Lockstitch Sewing Machine

- Easy access to Half/Add Stitch and Reverse Stitch
- Customisable automatic stitch reinforcement (beginning and end of seam)
- Automatic Foot Lift (Controlled by pedal or control panel)
- Built-in LED Lighting and USB port for charging and software updates
- Large table with built in castors and storage drawer

- 5000 Stitch per minute (adjustable from 200-5000 by the users)
- Uses standard 16/231 DBx1 type needles from sizes 11-18
- Presser foot lift 13mm by automatic lift 5mm by manual lift
- 5mm Maximum Stitch Length
- Full Intelligent Stitch Unit

Jack A4 Industrial Sewing Machine

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