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Texi Quattro 24 T Premium

2-needles/4-threads overlock (safety stitch) for light and medium materials with the possibility of easy change for 3-threads stitch, e.g. very narrow and dense overedging (option with adequate set). Now with energy-saving AC Servo motor, control box and power switch integrated into machine head (mechatronics "all-in-one" set). Ideal for sewing atelier and alteration shop. Perfect for industry, fast and user friendly.

Thanks to Direct Drive Servo Motor user got more silence without adverse vibrations. Standard equipped with energy-saving LED lamp for lighting of working field.

Technical Specification:

  • For sewing light and medium fabrics

  • Maximum sewing speed 6.000 s.p.m

  • Differential feed

  • Direct drive type needle bar

  • Needles gauge 2 mm

  • Total seam width 6 mm

  • Stitch length up to 4 mm

  • Energy-saving, Direct Drive AC SERVO MOTOR, voltage 220-240V

  • 70% energy-saving

  • Quiet work, minimised vibrations

  • Energy-saving LED lamp for lighting of working field

  • Central lubrication system

  • Needle system B-27e

Equipped with:

  • Stand Texi Premium Silver - steel, stable and durable universal stand with height adjustment. Powder painted in silver.

  • Table Top TQC T Texi Premium - the highest quality table top made of moisture resistant birch plywood (30 layers) which perfectly damps vibrations. Premium top plate surface is coated with a special laminate with a structure suitable for the textile industry. Maximum resistant to impact, abrasion and splinters. Sides protected by ABS slats. Deflected table top's front facilitate access to the machine head. Texi standard is "submerged" overlock machine, assembled on under-table plate made of high-class, 22 layers plywood, 28 mm thick which ensures machine stability (unique and the best solution). Texi Premium table tops do not contains harmful ingredients.

Enjoy the silence, save energy.

Texi Quattro 24 T Premium Industrial Sewing Machine

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